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From digital marketing to inventory optimization, Aimpoint Digital can help your organization harness the power of your data and turn it into a competitive advantage.

A comprehensive approach that enables you to reach success with data and analytics.

Define your analytics vision by aligning the needs of your business with your overall strategy.

Assess the current state of your data and technology and develop an analytics strategy to enhance decision-making.

Execute on high value and easy to implement use cases and defining the ongoing operating model to prove out the benefits within the organization.

Leverage data and analytics to reduce stockout cost, minimize shipping and overhead cost, improve sales forecasting, and bring transparency to your supply chain.

Become more efficient and grow

Aimpoint Digital integrates your data and applies our advanced analytical techniques to raise productivity, increase efficiency, and find new revenue opportunities.

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Global Toy Manufacturer

Global Toy Manufacturer

Product, Sales and Portfolio Management

Client challenge: The client had over 10,000 SKUs and no visibility into SKU-level profitability. The large number of SKUs also contributed to high working capital requirements to hold products in inventory. The challenge was to determine the optimal product portfolio to maximize revenue and reduce inventory costs.

Our Approach: Worked alongside IT to model and source the data required to build a suite of dashboards used by Sales, Marketing, Product and Finance that answered all immediate queries – the most important dashboard being the portfolio analysis dashboard. In addition we set them up for continued success with self-service access to the data sources we developed for analysts in each team to answer future questions.

Outcome: The organization is enabled with self-service access to a multitude of data sources and the new dashboards enabled management to quickly determine SKU profitability, sales and costs.

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