Helping you use data to enhance manufacturing, regulate pricing, advance marketing efforts, and promote innovation.

A comprehensive approach that enables you to reach success with data and analytics.

A defined vision created by aligning the needs of your business with your overall strategy.

Assess the current state of your data and technology and develop an analytics strategy to enhance decision-making.

Execute on high value and easy to implement use cases and defining the ongoing operating model to prove out the benefits within the organization.

Leverage “Analytics as a Service” model for enhancing capabilities defined by your organization.

A competitive advantage to bolster innovation

Aimpoint Digital integrates your data and applies our advanced analytical techniques to raise productivity, increase efficiency, and enhance product quality.

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Reduced machine breakdowns by 40% through preventative maintenance

Global Manufacturing Company

Preventative Maintenance

Client challenge: The client had a suboptimal part maintenance scheduling where maintenance was executed every 2 weeks, regardless of each component’s propensity to breakdown.

Our Approach: Leveraged stochastic models on each machine component to fit probability distributions of breakdown. Optimal maintenance intervals were determined based on lost production costs from breakdowns, maintenance costs and predicted breakdown probability.

Outcome: Machine breakdowns were reduced by 40% providing a $2.2M savings in lost production.

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