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Our deep business, technical, and analytic expertise has enabled us to construct an extensive client roster across targeted industry verticals.


Aimpoint Digital’s patient-first approach guides our team as we partner with healthcare organizations to unlock value from their data and analytics assets.

Our past experience spanning payors, providers, regulators, and technology vendors gives us the domain knowledge expertise needed to build robust and scalable data and analytics solutions across the healthcare ecosystem. With consideration given to the industry’s unique constraints, our team focuses on improving care while decreasing costs – from the ER to the C-Suite.

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Accelerate outcomes in R&D and clinical operations, optimize portfolio strategy, foster engagement with payers, providers, and patients, uncover new commercial opportunities, and much more using Data Analytics & Data Science with Aimpoint Digital. Our Digital experts and PhD-trained Life Science specialists have worked with some of the most innovative Life Science companies and top-tier agencies.

Partner with us to deliver life-changing, innovative medicines and health technologies to patients more effectively.

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The manufacturing industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the way data is used to drive improvements in OEE and throughput.

Our team has deep experience leveraging cutting-edge analytic techniques to drive improvements across a plant. From driver analyses to reinforcement learning, our team understands how to deal with large volumes of data in rapidly changing manufacturing environments.

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Retail / CPG

Aimpoint Digital’s best-in-class team of retail analytics experts has extensive backgrounds working for or with some of the largest retail companies in the world.

We partner with our clients to optimize supply chain operations, conduct site location & network rationalization analysis, delineate trade areas and whitespace, analyze marketing analytics & derive deep insights through market basket analysis.

The CPG industry is facing an unprecedented level of difficulty adapting to a post-Covid 19 economy, from erratically changing customer demand and lead time fluctuations creating bullwhip supply chain disruptions, to consumer behavior patterns shifting dramatically from month to month. Our team of CPG industry experts understands how to solve these challenges by leveraging a multi-dimensional approach within the data analytics space to not only solve and mitigate the above risks but keep companies at the competitive leading edge of their sectors.

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Freight + Logistics

We partner with Freight and Logistics firms to leverage data and analytics to monetize new business models, drive down operating costs, maximize free cash flow, and identify new market opportunities. Aimpoint’s deep experience ensures our customers are leveraging the best in data-driven solutions to capitalize on significant industry disruptions faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Private Equity

Private equity firms face unique challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic; corporate problems now go beyond managing liquidity stress. New dynamics such as fractured international and domestic supply chains and accelerated changes in consumer behavior now further compound and expand upon the traditional concerns of holding companies. Inversely, appreciating levels of dry powder and new investment horizons provide unique opportunities for PE firms to stimulate growth and generate significant yields on investments.

We work closely with large and mid-market PE organizations to offset these challenges and capitalize on opportunities. We do this through the integration of data and analytic solutions that create stronger data share/data supply chain solutions, optimize forecasting and benchmarking functions, and augment reporting and data analytic capabilities to strengthen inter-organizational synergies between all portfolio entities and the holding firm.

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We work hard every day to enable you to get the most out of your data and technology investments. Whether it be defining a vision and strategy or executing on tactical use cases, Aimpoint Digital helps you take an idea from thought through execution.