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How CLAIMS helps

No more manual cleansing and interpretation of free form and shorthand claim notes. Our solution automatically extracts key metrics out of messy, unstructured data.

Structured Data

Production quality, automated data analysis on your internal databases.

Unstructured Data

Automatically extract valuable insights from unstructured and free-hand notes.

Intelligence Extraction

Pull out driving factors and make a data-driven decisions.

Valuable insights

Enabling improved analysis and efficiency.

Performance Scorecards

Score the performance of both individual claims and claim examiners based on customizable metrics for your business.

Improved Reaction Time

CLAIMs automatically refreshes descriptive statistics to reduce reaction times and improve results.

Reduced Overhead

Intelligence platform can give leading-edge insights to guide the reduction of operating costs.

Increased Workforce Efficiency

Focus your team on the areas and the behaviors that drive the best return on investment.

Understand the past

Leverage a wide variety of tunable KPIs tailored specifically to your business to find hidden value.

Analyze the present

Machine learning can extract which business levers you can pull to make the most impactful changes to your organization.

Predict the future

CLAIMS can understand your data and generate predictions, allowing you to stay far ahead of the competition.

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