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Delivering accurate and comprehensive insights within your forecasting operations is a challenge.

Lojipath makes it simple.

Multiple Products

Multiple Products need to be forecasted concurrently; businesses often do not have the tools or skillsets to execute effectively.

Lack of information

Human-managed spreadsheet technologies limit the amount of information that can be considered.

Model Quality

Large organizations are still leveraging rudimentary/antiquated forecasting models and techniques due to a lack of data science knowledge.

External Factors Limited

Need/desire to include external variables like stock market data in their forecasts - but are unable to do so given technological limitations.


Limiting factors such as time to manually create predictions and the amount of data to deal with restrict geographic granularity (particularly important during COVID).


Automate and empower non-data scientists to extract academic quality results

lojipath eliminates the challenges your organization faces with forecasting functions to deliver a turn-key experience

Multiple Models

Fits multiple additive models

Multiple models are built which automatically fit important characteristics of the data.

Fits either multiple series or single series

User can input many time series at the same time or a single series.

Automatic Model Tuning

Functionality set with parameter grid

Possible parameters such as seasonality, trend granularity, market shifts, and seasonality types put into large parameter grid.

Automatic hyperparameter tuning

Hyperparameters are tuned automaticaly to both optimize tuning time and parameter estimation.

AutoML+Streamlined User Experience

Powerful tool.

Even more powerful results.

Predicting Call Center Volumes

Customer Churn Prediction

Forecasting Demand

IoT Utility Maintenance Predictions

Understanding Inventory Burn

Predictive Staffing Requirements

An enterprise-level solution

Guide decision making using cutting edge analytics techniques with a platform that is:


Use lojipath to predict anything from future sales to call volumes

Cutting Edge

lojipath is built using state of the art machine learning algorithms

Easy to Use

Anyone with a dataset can use lojipath to obtain valuable business insights


Your data is analyzed within seconds


Allows for easy enterprise scale deployments and automated predictions

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