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Data Analytics

We help you drive value through the automation of tasks, blending data sources, and action-driving visualizations.

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Our practice

Aimpoint Digital’s Data Analytics practice focuses on leveraging data to save time and drive business value.

We create analytic or automated solutions integrating data across sources, systems, and databases to create the reports, visualizations, applications, and insights needed.

Our Approach

Our focus is first on the business process, actions taken and the insights needed to facilitate. Then we design the technology to fit in seamlessly. This often involves interviewing stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand current processes and pain points or gaps. We then work with you to iteratively design a solution that fits your needs.

  • Upskilling + Training
  • Center of Excellence Support
  • Operations
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Process Automation
  • API + Connector Development
  • Spatial Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics

Upskilling + Training

Accelerate your learning and adhere to best practices with upskilling and training provided by Aimpoint Digital.


1-on-1 Coaching

Live coaching of solutioning your use cases to develop needed solutions and upskill at the same time.


Workflows/dashboards checked for accuracy, efficiency and best practices prior to productionalization.

Office Hours

Time dedicated to answer your team’s questions about specific tools or topics.

Tips & Tricks Sessions

Sessions covering the best tips & tricks we have picked up though years of experience related to a specific tool.

On-Demand Support

Get support when needed during standard business hours via email or chat.

Structured Curriculum

Tool Specific

Alteryx Learning Paths

Structured trainings supplemented with curated tasks and practice exams to get your team upskilled and certified.

Tableau Learning Paths

Combination of Tableau specific training with data visualization methodology and best practices.

Power BI Learning Paths

Combination of PowerBI specific training with data visualization methodology and best practices.

Tool Agnostic

Data Literacy

How do we work with data? What are the key concepts to know?

Data Visualization

What makes a good visualization? Which chart should I use when?

Alteryx Learning Paths

We offer 25+ Alteryx modularized trainings to get you up and running quickly that can be run independently or as part of our Alteryx curriculum programs to get you and your team on the path to Alteryx Core and Advanced Certification.

Leverage these pre-built offerings or customize them with your company’s data. We can also build a fully customized training to fit your organizational needs.

Sample courses

Intro to Alteryx
  • What is Alteryx
  • Key Data Concepts
  • How to use Alteryx
  • Logic
  • Dates
  • Text
Messy Data
  • Parsing data
  • Underrated Tools

Covers everything needed for core cert

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Tableau Learning Paths

We offer 15+ Tableau modularized trainings with recommended training paths segmented by users to make sure each employee gets the most out of their Tableau license.

Sample courses

Intro to Tableau
  • What is Tableau
  • Connecting to Data
  • Dimensions & Measures
  • Basic Views & Dashboards
Viz Designer
  • Chart Selection & Design
  • Good Dashboard Design
Charts Advanced
  • Dual Axis
  • Combined Axis
  • What is a Parameter
  • Parameter Applications
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Power BI Learning Paths

We offer 10+ Power BI modularized trainings to get your organization getting the most out of Power BI quickly.

Sample courses

Intro to Power BI
  • What is Power BI
  • Connecting to Data
  • Data Discovery / Visual Analytics
  • Dashboards
Viz Designer
  • Chart Selection & Design
  • Good Dashboard Design
Intro to DAX
  • What is DAX
  • Aggregations
  • Calculation Types
Report Design
  • 4 Step Process
  • Chart Selection
  • User Experience
  • Viz Types
Contact us for our full available curriculum and preset training packages
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Center of Excellence Support

Enablement support to build your analytics user community; from template design to governance best practice to designing engagement tactics like gamification, we support you in growing self-service analytics at your organization.

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We offer infrastructure set up, upgrades and management to enable your organization.

Install and Setup

In the cloud or on your environment, customized to your organization's needs.

Server Sizing

Recommendation on the capacity needed and vertical or horizontal scaling.

Health Check/Tuning

Diagnosis of performance issues and options to mitigate.

Server Governance

Process design, tracking, and accountability for server organization, publication, and scheduling.

Server API

Live coaching of solutioning your use cases to develop needed solutions and upskill at the same time.


Workflows/dashboards checked for accuracy, efficiency, and best practices prior to productionalization.

Server Merging

Time dedicated to answering your team’s questions about specific tools or topics.

Workflow Prioritization

Sessions cover the best tips & tricks we have picked up through years of experience related to a specific tool.

Data Visualization

We approach data visualization differently. We have a deep understanding of data visualization theory that allows us to create and enable your business to create impactful dashboards that look beautiful.

  • Our dashboards are designed to fit in a business process not force a business process to fit our dashboards.
  • We build quickly and iteratively to ensure speed to value.
  • Everything we do is intentional from the types of visualizations we use to the spacing to order of placement.

We have 4 offerings but often we blend these in our data visualization engagements to ensure the maximum impact

Dashboard Makeover

Use Case Solutioning


Usage Guides

Digital Process Automation

Save time and ensure accuracy through digital process automation with Aimpoint Digital.

API + Connector Development

Extending the Alteryx platform with additional functionality including custom connectors for APIs, python-based tools and SDK development

Examples include:

  • Directory tool for S3
  • Dynamic input tool S3
  • Gzip read/white
  • Batch Arima model
  • Custom HTML email creator
  • Freshbooks connector
  • Zoom connector

Spatial Analytics

Solving the where in analytical questions.

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Predictive Analytics

Helping you anticipate what will happen next.

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Value created quickly

We work across software, tools, and infrastructure to build custom solutions in an agile fashion. Resulting in value being created in weeks, days, or even hours, not months or years.

Providing your organization deep analytics expertise

Our consultants have expertise working with Alteryx, Tableau, Power BI, and coding languages such as Python, SQL, and R. We can help you select the right technology for each solution to ensure speed to output and sustainability for long-term use.

Case studies

Data Analytics

Transportation Industry

15 DMAs identified with 10+ opportunities for site building, 565 store locations identified with prime conditions

Client Challenge

Alternative delivery methodologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles are on the cutting edge of transportation innovation. As a result, they are challenged with exploring new markets without formalized infrastructure, data, and precedent. A leading drone flight services provider was tasked with identifying 155 store locations at which to pilot last-mile deliveries for a large superstore chain. They needed to identify sites with high financial potential to prioritize. Due to the scale of the project and having to consider several thousand stores across the country, a data-driven approach was needed.

Our Approach

The Aimpoint Digital team developed a model accounting for 70+ unique factors ranging from population densities to average wind speeds. The metrics were derived from 10 different data sources, normalized, and weighted for DMA and store comparison. The findings were then visualized through 5 configurable dashboards, showcasing ranked locations, satellite views, flight restrictions, competitor locations, and heat maps. The team leveraged Alteryx for the APIs, ETL, and modeling, Tableau for the dashboarding, and Snowflake for storage optimization and automation.


The client can build pilot sites in the 15 DMAs that the model has identified as expected to have the highest ROI. Each is concentrated with 10+ store locations with prime conditions, so that one site can serve many stores. 565 stores have been identified as favorable, so that the client can proceed into more difficult markets with a phased approach. The client also now has a centralized knowledge bank to understand how each factor contributes to each location’s potential. The executive and flight operations teams will be able to use the dashboards internally for education and planning, as well as externally in conversation over the next several years with the superstore chain.

Data Analytics

Telecommunications Industry

Represent the full customer journey to maintain and grow customer subscriptions

Client Challenge

A client providing communication solutions to consumers across the globe was seeking a way to unify and analyze several types of customer data being regularly aggregated. This process also needed to be automated such that all insights would include the most current data available, and the client is automatically alerted of any discrepancies in the data. The ability to pull insights at both the company and individual customer level was crucial to enabling the client to ensure continual internal expansion, successfully onboard new customers, and provide current customers with tools to find opportunities to grow.

Our Approach

Our team developed several dashboards that utilize different perspectives to highlight the client’s highest priority metrics. Using Alteryx, the 5+ disparate data sources across 50+ clients were blended into one cohesive source that was utilized for customer journey reporting in the form of embedded Tableau dashboards. Automation was developed to ensure mapping across all sources persist over time. The 3 dashboards featured a global view of products and customers by KPIs, a customer deep-dive that pulled financial, operational, and contractual information together, and a customer timeline view summarizing key points of the last 12 months of the customer interaction.


The dashboards provided holistic insight for customers that the company has previously never been able to accomplish. These data solutions have provided sales teams rich insight into customers during negotiations but also in strategic sales and marketing decisions.

Data Analytics

Logistics Industry

Business Intelligence to master the complexity of logistics & deliver enhanced customer outcomes

Client Challenge

A $1B+ major global full-service transportation and logistics company with operations spread across North America and globally needed visibility into the operational aspects of its business. As a freight forwarder working with 1500+ vendors to move over 230,000 metric tons for 1.5M customers yearly, mastering complexity was critical to meeting customer expectations. This required the development of KPIs and operational dashboards to convey insight to senior management and stakeholders.

Our Approach

We determined that visibility was required in four key areas: temporal (timeliness, dwell times, middle mile transit time), vendor compliance (proof-of-delivery recording), operational performance (total volume shipped, network burden, etc.), and financial performance (profitability, pricing, cost management, etc.). To convey this insight, our team produced a comprehensive cloud solution producing Tableau dashboards with a backend supported by data engineering in Alteryx, Snowflake & DBT.


After deployment of our solution, the client was able to monitor & improve operational performance for its key national level accounts, identify levers to improve the financial performance of its most important transshipment stations and enhance the customer experience by improving timeliness and compliance.

Data Analytics

Private Equity

Private Equity firm can effectively monitor their portfolio company finances

Client Challenge

This private equity firm struggled to consolidate financial reporting across its seven portfolio companies. They received monthly reporting in spreadsheets, with little consistency in structure, format, and account mapping across subsidiaries. Consolidating reports was a manual process, causing a delay in portfolio-wide performance. There was also no ability to audit changes that may have occurred between months easily. These required the development of a flexible data ingestion process, a robust way to store data that facilitated auditing, and a platform to seamlessly visualize and present financial reporting.

Our Approach

Our team developed an integrated data platform to ingest, store and visualize the portfolio company data. The raw data was standardized using Alteryx, catering to the unique characteristics of each portfolio company’s dataset. Our Data Engineering team developed a Snowflake data warehouse to model the data from the ground-up. A suite of financial performance dashboards in Tableau was used to disseminate reporting to the private equity company and its subsidiaries.


The client now has a single source of truth for portfolio company financials. The ingestion process has significantly alleviated the manual burden in consolidating reporting across their portfolio. The visualization platform has reduced time-to-insight, ensuring that the entire company is viewing accurate, consistent financial reporting within and across portfolio companies. Thanks to the auditing capabilities of the data warehouse model, the client can more easily detect changes made to historical data that were previously obscured by spreadsheet reporting.

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We work hard every day to enable you to get the most out of your data and technology investments. Whether it be defining a vision and strategy or executing on tactical use cases, Aimpoint Digital helps you take an idea from thought through execution.