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Data Analytics

How to Load Data into Snowflake Using Alteryx

Apr 12, 2023
Data Engineering April 17, 2024
Starting Your DataOps Journey on Databricks

The Data Proliferation Paradox  In today’s data-driven world, the “Data ...

Data Analytics April 5, 2024
Databricks + Sigma: Data Entry in Databricks through the Power of Sigma Input Tables

For many data analysts, performing ad-hoc data analysis is a common task that often leads to ...

News April 3, 2024
Aimpoint Digital Awarded Dataiku FY24 America’s SI Partner of the Year for Second Consecutive Year

Aimpoint Digital, a leading provider of data and AI-driven solutions, was named Dataiku FY24 ...

Data Science March 25, 2024
Using Snowsight: Streamlining Gurobi Powered Decision-Making in Snowflake Part Two

In part one of our two-part series on utilizing Gurobi in Snowflake, we demonstrated how Gurobi ...

Data Science March 12, 2024
Explore GenAI-Powered Document Search with SearchGPT

When it comes to finding the information you need, time is of the essence. For many ...

News March 4, 2024
Aimpoint Digital Partners with Sigma to Transform Visual Analytics and Application Development

At Aimpoint Digital, we’re always seeking new, innovative ways to enhance our clients’ data ...

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