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Decision Sciences

Get AI-powered solutions that solve your critical business problems, exploit market opportunities, and establish competitive advantages. Our market-leading data scientists and industry experts will deliver a maintainable, scalable, and robust solution. It’s our guarantee.

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Are you looking to improve your company's decision-making abilities with AI, or do you have a specific data science use case in mind? Aimpoint Digital will partner with you in every step of your journey to analytics maturity.

Brightest minds

Our market-leading data science team brings together a combination of excellent academic backgrounds and deep industry expertise to bring game-changing solutions to your business.

Empower prescriptive actions

We unlock your data's potential and transform it into predictive insights and prescriptive actions—now and in the future.

Decision Sciences offerings

Generate reliable results for your data science use cases with highly specialized applications of machine learning, AI, and operations research.

Machine Learning Engineering MLOps AI Solutions Operations Research Generative AI Predictive Modeling Platform Enablement

Machine Learning Engineering

  • Accelerate the development of AI-based use cases with scalable deployment patterns and ML architectures designed by our team with your current and future needs in mind.
  • Ensure effective use of your data infrastructure by deploying optimized feature engineering and data transformation pipelines developed by our Machine Learning Engineers.
  • Leverage our expert knowledge of cutting-edge deep learning techniques to transform your company processes.
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  • Escape the proof-of-concept purgatory by implementing sustainable monitoring and governance patterns. 
  • Utilize our assessment framework for a swift diagnostic of your current deployment process and receive actionable recommendations for your business.
  • Enjoy ongoing support for your deployed models with our experts at your side, ensuring continuous, high-quality solution delivery.
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AI Solutions

  • Innovate with our Aimpoint Labs team to develop novel solutions for your business with cutting-edge research such as:
    • SearchGPT: A novel LLM-based querying engine for your corporate search over document use cases
    • Lojipath: Automated machine learning-based time series forecasting solution
    • A.I.R.: Automated Intelligent Routing for manufacturing throughput optimization
    • apd-crs: An open-source implementation for novel cure-rate survival analysis algorithms
  • Develop and implement custom-tailored AI-based reusable software solutions for your use case.
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Operations Research

  • Empower your organization’s decision-making with our custom-built decision intelligence tools that provide you with realistic and actionable insights.
  • Solve impactful yet challenging problems such as workforce management, production scheduling, order fulfillment, and network design with mathematical optimization techniques.
  • Enhance your operations’ resilience with our scenario analysis driven by discrete event simulations (DES) and digital twins to help you evaluate the impact of disruptions such as shipment delays or equipment breakdowns.
  • Seamlessly integrate the power of AI/ML predictive modeling with OR-based models to support robust decision-making in the face of real-world uncertainties.
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Generative AI

  • Leverage the power of generative AI techniques to dramatically increase your workforce’s productivity by automating time-consuming tasks such as document summarization, search operations, automated classification, and sentiment analysis. 
  • Build AI-based assistants to help you or your customers securely navigate anything from internal company data to external facing websites.
  • Devise an effective strategy with our advisory services to incorporate generative AI models such as LLMs in your organization while safeguarding your organization’s privacy, data security, and protecting against model inaccuracies and hallucinations.
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Predictive Modeling

  • Future-proof your operations with statistical analysis and predictive modeling based on historical data.
  • Empower organizational transformation and drive trust in model results with our proven methodology that emphasizes explainability.
  • Tackle a wide variety of use cases that span diverse functions in your organization, such as demand/sales forecasting, preventative maintenance, and product quality analytics.
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Platform Enablement

  • Let our experts teach your team to leverage leading technologies that enable fast, high-quality prototyping and ease of movement from development to production.
  • Accelerate and optimize your use of leading DS platforms through our industry-leading enablement, including 1:1 coaching, best practices, guided trainings, and walkthroughs. 
  • Gain platform expertise through our prebuilt catalog or customized trainings to teach your team how to solve company-specific use cases.
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How we approach your use case

Using our proven approach for implementing AI-based solutions, we will partner with you as subject matter experts and trusted advisors to extract the most value from your data.

Client Engagement Exploratory Analysis Model Development Deployment & Automation Improvement

Client Engagement

We start with extensive interviews to gain an appreciation for your business process and develop a technical solution architecture that best addresses your challenges, taking special care to differentiate the “must-haves” from “nice-to-haves.”

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Exploratory Analysis

We analyze your available data and flag any data quality issues. Through the initial data cleansing, we identify the most appropriate outlier strategies, feature engineering options, and modeling approach that will address your use case while balancing explainability and performance.

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Model Development

We implement the methods devised during the exploratory analysis in an agile manner. Our team’s deep expertise and long-standing experience in many industries help us prioritize various solution strategies. Through extensive testing, we validate performance across multiple scenarios.

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Deployment & Automation

Our ML Engineers and MLOps experts ensure that the models we develop are seamlessly integrated with your tech stack and business processes to drive the most value now and in the future.

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Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

We then recommend service schedules for your models along with a model/data drift analysis and a prescription for the frequency with which model retraining and metric recalculation should be refreshed.

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We're committed to providing the best service to our clients, and that starts with building a strong team. By recruiting data professionals with high levels of academic knowledge as well as real business and industry experience—we’re able to guarantee the development of a highly effective solution for your specific use case.

At Aimpoint Labs, our passionate innovators are constantly finding new ways to utilize the latest technological advancements in AI and ML to build unique, reusable software-based solutions to push the boundaries of what’s possible with data.

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Ready to solve your data
science problems?

Aimpoint Digital combines next-gen AI, machine learning, and the deep expertise of our STEM and industry professionals to develop an advanced analytics solution that has the greatest overall impact on your organization.

Ready to solve your data
science problems?

Aimpoint Digital combines next-gen AI, machine learning, and the deep expertise of our STEM and industry professionals to develop an advanced analytics solution that has the greatest overall impact on your organization.