The smarter way to serve healthcare patients and improve operations by getting the most out of your EMR system.

Ready out of the box, fully customizable

No more trying to pull insights from antiquated reports. Our solution directly connects to your EMR system to pull the insights needed by your organization.

Real results

Improving patient experience and reducing operating costs.

Improved patient care

Transparency of quality metrics allows for diagnosing systemic issues, advanced preparation for appointments and proactive scheduling of appointments.

Decreased late actions

Personalized views for each physician on outstanding prescriptions and billing action items, automated reminders and aggregated information for practice managers.

Increased utilization

Birdseye view of practices and physicians with low utilization rates and dips in their appointment horizon that can be proactively filled with patients.

Improved tos collection

Accountability reporting and proactive monitoring of patients with large balances.

Decreased no shows

Capture repeat offenders and recommend proactive action to mitigate.

Better load balancing

Real-time panel size and schedule metrics

Low cost and quick to customize.

Our solution leverages Alteryx and Tableau making it quicker to edit and lower cost to maintain.

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Do not reinvent the wheel

We have partnered with our healthcare clients to design industry-leading end-user focused dashboards that are actionable.

Choose what you want

Purchase only the dashboards that work for your organization. We have dashboards for quality metric and operational reporting, physician scorecards, predictive population health and much more.

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Customized to fit your organization

Anything can be customized, or we can create a new dashboard tailored to fit your needs.

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