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Our team of experts specializes in automating complex analysis and delivering actionable insights that drive measurable results.

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The Analytics Value Proposition

True partner in your analytics journey, not only creating requested solutions but advising on the right approach, tools, and implementation. 

An extension of your team

With extensive expertise in analytics techniques, tools, and methodologies, we are part of your team and help you automate processes, extract insights from complex datasets, and build data applications.

Actionable insights to drive business decisions

We don’t just analyze data, our analysts offer actionable insights that drive business decisions. They interpret data in the context of business goals, identifying opportunities for improvement and growth.

Scalable resource allocation to meet your needs

We scale our support according to your project's needs. Whether it's a small-scale part-time analysis or a large-scale data application, we can allocate resources accordingly.

Data security and compliance every step of the way

We are well-versed in data security and compliance regulations thanks to our deep experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and finance. We ensure that data handling practices adhere to relevant regulations like GDPR or HIPAA, safeguarding sensitive information.

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What our clients are saying

Aimpoint Digital has consistently exceeded expectations. They worked closely with our teams to create actionable data solutions, modernize our analytics from static reporting, and cultivate a data-driven culture across our company.

Zach Pollock

Chief Executive Officer

Aimpoint Digital has brought highly specialized talent to our projects who dig in deeply to understand what’s required from a business standpoint. Their expertise has allowed us to advance and scale in a faster way than we’d have been able to on our own.

Reed Loughrey

VP, Business Insights Strategy

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We're here to guide you through every step of your analytics journey to create value and drive long-term success.

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Data automation & visualization

Our Data Automation and Visualization solutions simplify data processing, automate analysis, and provide clear visualizations that help you gain actionable insights.

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Our services include

Workflow Automation

Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamlined workflows. We'll help you automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters.

Data Visualization

Our team will help you turn raw data into actionable insights. From dashboards to reports, we'll create visualizations that make complex data easy to understand.

Custom Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. That's why we offer customized solutions tailored to your needs and goals.

Embedded Applications

Serve customers or internal users with well-designed web applications powered by Sigma to allow for agile development and deployment.

The Aimpoint Advantage

What are the advantages of data automation and visualization? 

  • Improve your decision-making by providing accurate insights based on data analytics.  
  • Reduce the manual effort involved in collecting and analyzing data.
  • Identify trends and patterns in data to help you make informed decisions.
  • Communicate insights and findings to stakeholders in a clear and easily understandable format.  
  • Monitor performance and track progress toward business goals. 

Next Approach:

Analytics Engineering

Analytics platform strategy

By combining our technical guidance with a strategic emphasis on your unique organizational context, we empower you to chart the optimal path to value - and your desired mature state.

Optimize Your Platform Strategy

Our services include

Roadmap & Ownership

We help you clarify value by prioritizing your key implementation initiatives, ensuring they align with your desired outcomes. Then we help define roles, ownership, and timelines.

Oversight & Governance

We collaborate with you to fit the ideal Center of Excellence (COE) operating model that best positions you for success. We streamline your governance structures and platform integration

Community Enablement

Laying the groundwork for a thriving, self-sufficient community of practice is crucial for the analytic success. We work with you to create bespoke training and enablement programs.

Implementation Partner

We understand the complexity that comes with navigating organizational dynamics to make your strategic plans a reality. We bring implementation expertise and partner with you on the journey.

The Aimpoint Advantage

What are the advantages of analytics platform strategy?

  • Accelerated implementation and value realization backed by deep platform expertise
  • Clearly defined COE operating model with roles and responsibilities
  • Governance frameworks to significantly reduce risks associated with data and platform usage
  • Streamlined platform-supporting processes and procedures enable operational efficiency
  • Community training & enablement pathways tailored to resonate with your organizational culture and user personas

Analytics engineering

Whether you need to build a data warehouse, design and implement a data pipeline, or analyze complex data sets, our expert Analytics and Data Engineering teams have the experience to deliver results.

Elevate Your Analytics

Our services include

Data Product Design

We help you determine the right data products to build that can effectively solve multiple high-priority use cases through current state analysis, stakeholder interviews, and rapid POCs.

Data Product Build

We are committed to optimally implementing data products that can solve multiple use cases, are efficient, and are easy to maintain. 

Data Product Optimization

We evaluate and improve existing data products within the organization to improve efficiency and performance, ensuring their scalability and adaptability to evolving business needs.

DataOps Assessment

We analyze your pipelines, systems, and processes to make strategic recommendations and to implement a DataOps framework that integrates software engineering CI/CD best practices with your data analytics capability.

The Aimpoint Advantage

What are the advantages of analytics engineering?

  • Analytics Engineering identifies patterns and trends in complex data sets.
  • It helps optimize business processes and operations by identifying problem areas and providing solutions.
  • Analytic Engineering can be used for predictive analysis to forecast future outcomes and trends.
  • It improves customer experiences by identifying customer needs and preferences.
  • Analytic Engineering helps reduce costs and increases efficiency by streamlining processes.