Are you struggling to understand Alteryx Designer usage in your organization?

Our solution enables you to comprehensively report on and analyze all content developed by users of Alteryx Designer. 

Understand platform utilization

Gain insights into the use cases and value that Alteryx Designer brings to your organization. Improve the cataloging of automation and solutions driven by Alteryx. 

Improve user training

Understand how users leverage Alteryx Designer to tailor user training and enablement and ensure Alteryx is used to the fullest. 

Mitigate risk

Classify and summarize the risk level of workflows based on factors like size, complexity, and dependencies. Take appropriate actions to mitigate risks based on their source. 

Optimize license management

Streamline license allocation by closely monitoring Alteryx Designer usage. Reassign licenses away from inactive developers to ensure optimal utilization.

What Alteryx users get with DesignerPAHL 

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Delve into detailed audits of workflow content and usage. 
Asset Breakdown
Runs by User 
Ensure traceability of workflow runs, contents, desktop licenses, and users. 
Macro Logs 
Asset & Run Logs 
Review risk scores of workflows and users, weighing various variables. 
Asset Risk 
Run Heatmap 
Explore connections and dependencies between workflows, apps, and data. 
Data Source Detailed Log 

Ready to optimize your usage of Alteryx Designer?

DesignerPAHL is a turn-key solution that can be used out of the box or fully customized.

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