Data Engineering & Infrastructure Consulting

Enable your business to harness data-driven growth through our cutting-edge data architecture and cloud-based analytical infrastructure solutions.

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Unlock the power of your data

We’re an extension of your team, empowering you to gather, refine, and distribute data to tap into the full potential of your business.


Data Infrastructure Analysis

We review your entire data ecosystem and infrastructure to align data pipelines and systems to an overall analytics strategy.

Data Governance

Fortify your data integrity with our data governance solutions. We implement best practices for data quality, security, and privacy, along with tools and procedures for automated compliance with internal and regulatory policies.


Streamline the development lifecycle of turning data into meaningful insights by automating CI/CD pipelines, standardizing data modeling and management, and automating pipeline monitoring.


Drive efficient expenditure with enhanced cost monitoring and optimization, using resource tagging, logging, and visualization for a comprehensive view of your infrastructure.

Execution and Delivery

Pipeline, Database & Data Warehouse Migration

Whether you're seeking a seamless lift-and-shift or a comprehensive overhaul, we modernize your data pipelines and assets for today's cloud-based infrastructure.

Process Automation

Streamline your operations with the automation of manual tasks and fine-tuning of existing systems.


Streamline your operations with our Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solutions. We automate the deployment, provisioning, and management of all infrastructure resources using advanced tools like Terraform and CloudFormation.

ETL/ELT Pipeline Development

Benefit from the expertise of our highly credentialed data engineers, continually honing their skills in modern pipeline development. From low-code to fully customized solutions, we have you covered.

MLOps and Model Productionization

Our ML Engineers enable data scientists to reliably build, test, train, deploy, manage, and scale their models through development to production.

Data Platform Architecture

From single application setup to complete data platform deployment, our infrastructure team can cater to any data platform needs.

Data Modeling

Experience the power of meticulously structured and documented data assets, designed to maximize reusability and discoverability.



Our expert teams, based in the US, UK, and Colombia, provide targeted sessions and material to accelerate the adoption of systems, processes, and best practices.


Easily access information provided through user guides, data models, coding standards, data governance procedures, and repository readmes.

Best Practices

Enable data engineering best practices across your enterprise through coaching, upskilling, and advisory from our talented and deeply experienced data engineering team.

Deep expertise in the world’s leading data technology platforms


What our clients are saying

With Aimpoint Digital, we have a partner in our business outcomes rather than just a partner in accomplishing work. Their strategic prowess, excellent talent, and focus on business outcomes are the reasons we'll be with them for as long as PetScreening is here.

Andrew Hartman
Chief Growth Officer
Pet Screening
Chief Growth Officer

Aimpoint Digital was influential in nCino’s journey in the build out of it's state of the art nIQ Data and AI platform. The Aimpoint team was heavily involved in the validation and architecture review, ensuring that nCino was following best practices and utilizing all the amazing features that Databricks offered.

Nithin RJ
Senior Engineering Manager
nCino, Inc.
Senior Engineering Manager

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