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Snowflake Health Check App

The adoption of Snowflake and the growth of organizations implementing advanced analytics and decision science workloads in Snowflake has created a demand for comprehensive insights into Snowflake usage.

CloudPAHL addresses this need by focusing on fundamental cloud management aspects, starting with cost analysis. It goes beyond identifying high-expense warehouses and lengthy queries, utilizing a proprietary allocation model to accurately attribute 100% of Snowflake compute costs to users and applications. 



AI Demand Forecasting App

Predict the future of your business with Lojipath, an AutoML forecasting platform that blends lightweight design with proprietary client-backed models to achieve accurate forecasts natively in your Snowflake environment.

Lojipath revolutionizes forecasting for Snowflake customers by enabling forecasting at scale in as few as two steps, with the integration of LLM functionality to enable boardroom-level discussions around primary forecast drivers.


SnowPro Quiz

Prepare for the Snowpro Core Exam

This is the go-to app for mastering Snowflake and preparing for the SnowPro Core Exam. It features a vast bank of questions, practice sessions, an exam simulation, and detailed explanations. It’s the perfect tool to prepare to earn the SnowPro Core designation.

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