Why Alteryx users need ServerPAHL

ServerPAHL connects directly to Alteryx Server, automatically providing essential insights every organization needs.

Stop wasting developer hours manually extracting insights from Alteryx Server; instead, allocate their time to solving crucial business problems.

Understand user engagement

Provides business owners with key insights into the usage and value of Alteryx to increase adoption.

Establish best

Ensures stagnant, failing, or improper assets on gallery is identified and remedied to minimize server performance impacts and improve the quality of content for gallery users.

Facilitate governance
& monitoring

Monitors and audits users, content, and permissions to ensure compliance. With lineage tracking, leaders can better respond to job failure impacts by understanding downstream dependencies.


Identifies runtime bottlenecks and schedule inefficiencies to optimize server performance and minimize wait times.

What Alteryx users get with ServerPAHL

Ready to get more out of Alteryx Server?

Leverage Alteryx server usage and insights to drive more value with analytics solutions through ServerPAHL from Aimpoint Digital.

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