Accelerating a Snowflake Data & Migration Strategy for Rent.

Learn how we accelerated a Snowflake migration for Rent., a major rental marketplace, achieving cost savings, robust data governance, and enhanced analytics capabilities.

Key takeaways
Source of truth established
Key data domains established and delivered immediately
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The Challenge

Rent., a major rental properties marketplace and services provider, made a significant investment in Snowflake to centralize their data, drive cost efficiencies, and bolster their analytics capabilities. However, despite multiple attempts at migration, including third-party interventions and an in-house endeavor spanning nearly a year, the client struggled to materialize the anticipated value from their investment.  

The client’s journey to Snowflake adoption was fraught with challenges, including failed migration attempts and a lack of clarity in execution and strategic planning. These setbacks consumed valuable time and resources and posed a significant opportunity cost. With the business imperatives at stake, there was an urgent need to streamline the migration process and maximize the business value derived from Snowflake. 

Recognizing the critical need for strategic execution and planning, Aimpoint Digital was enlisted to accelerate the migration process and lead the adoption to unlock the full potential of Snowflake for the client. 

Our Approach

Aimpoint Digital adopted a comprehensive approach to address the client's challenges and accelerate the migration process: 

Strategic Assessment 

The Analytics Strategy and Data Engineering teams conducted a thorough assessment of the client's existing processes and business needs. This assessment served as the foundation for synthesizing a strategic plan to expedite the migration and amplify the business value realized from Snowflake. 

Process and Tool Recommendations 

Key process and tool recommendations were provided to simplify, standardize, and enhance execution. One recommendation was the implementation of dbt for streamlined data transformation activities, enabling more efficient and scalable processes. 

Data Domain Migration and Jump-Start 

The Data Engineering team executed the migration of two critical data domains and made a pivotal data set available to jump-start consumption. This proactive approach facilitated faster adoption and utilization of Snowflake's capabilities. 

Establishment of Data Governance Framework 

Aimpoint Digital supported the establishment of a robust data governance framework, fostering increased business engagement, trust, and usage in Snowflake data. This framework aligned with the client's data strategy objectives of achieving a single source of truth, laying the groundwork for sustainable data management practices. 

They have been instrumental in getting our fledgling efforts to develop a single source of truth in Snowflake from many different siloed analytic sources get unstuck and off the ground. Aimpoint Digital established the entire depth and breadth of our analytics goals and set us on a good path forward.

Jonathan Wollman
Director, Data and Analytics


Accelerated Value Realization 

The client successfully course-corrected and accelerated the realization of expected cost savings from their Snowflake migration. By streamlining processes and enhancing execution, Aimpoint Digital enabled the client to unlock the full potential of Snowflake for driving business value.

Accelerating a Snowflake Data & Migration Strategy for Rent.
Sustainable Data Governance Practices 

The implementation of robust data governance practices ensured that the client could achieve their data strategy objectives and leverage Snowflake as a single source of truth. This enhanced governance framework instilled clarity and confidence in Snowflake's potential, fostering improved business adoption and analytics capabilities.

Accelerating a Snowflake Data & Migration Strategy for Rent.
Clarity and Strategic Alignment

The tailored and immediately executable strategic approach empowered the client with clarity around Snowflake's potential and the value of data governance. This alignment set the stage for a Snowflake-driven future, enabling the client to harness the platform's capabilities for sustained, long-term growth and innovation.

Accelerating a Snowflake Data & Migration Strategy for Rent.

Key Takeaways

Aimpoint Digital's intervention in accelerating the Snowflake data migration process exemplifies the power of strategic planning in driving business transformation. By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, we helped the client overcome migration challenges, maximize value realization, and establish sustainable data governance practices. This successful collaboration underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating complex technological transitions and unlocking new avenues of growth and innovation. 

Source of truth established
Key data domains established and delivered immediately

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