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Empower non-technical users with our advanced AutoML forecasting solution.

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AutoML + Streamlined User Experience

lojipath eliminates the challenges your organization faces with forecasting functions to deliver a turn-key experience.

One of the standout features is the integration of GenAI functionality, which allows for boardroom-level discussions around primary forecast drivers. This is a game-changer in the forecasting landscape, enabling executives to query both the input and forecasting output for a much deeper level of understanding and explainability.

Use it for:

Predicting call center volumes
Forecasting demand
Understanding inventory burn
Predicting staffing requirements
An enterprise-level forecasting solution

Guide decision-making using cutting-edge analytics techniques

Simple interface

A user-friendly dashboard lets you quickly write any SQL query to pull in long-form tabular time series data. Just specify the model inputs, and you’re off to the races.

Covariate handling

Go beyond traditional forecasting by incorporating key business drivers and external variables into your predictive models.

Time series profiling

With a single click, generate descriptive statistics, seasonal and trend decomposition, and autocorrelation plots. The system also checks for common time series errors, like gaps in dates and duplicate entries.

Model selection

Choose from a wide range of proven forecasting models, each designed to tackle different types of forecasting challenges.

Automated feature engineering

The system automatically engineers new features based on a default set of best practices tailored for your time resolution (daily, monthly, etc.).

Back testing

Ensure your model’s reliability by selecting the number of back tests to conduct, validating its performance over time based on your chosen error metric.

Output options

Flexibility to send the forecast data directly to a database table or download it as a CSV for further analysis.

Elevate your insights with advanced forecasting

Gain advanced forecasting insights to drive your decision-making with lojipath.

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