Aimpoint Digital Launches ServerPAHL: The Ultimate Alteryx Server Insights and Governance Tool

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Aimpoint Digital’s ServerPAHL Unleashes Enhanced Alteryx Server Insights, Governance, and Performance Optimization.

Aimpoint Digital, a leading provider of data-driven solutions, is excited to announce the launch of ServerPAHL, a groundbreaking product designed to unlock the full potential of Alteryx Server. ServerPAHL empowers users to optimize platform usage and performance through holistic reporting, enabling a deeper understanding of user engagement, best practice compliance, governance, and monitoring.

This innovative product addresses the need for comprehensive insights into Alteryx Server usage, ensuring businesses can maximize their investment in the platform. With ServerPAHL, organizations can quickly identify opportunities to fix failing assets, optimize performance, and improve platform utilization.

Max Benjamin, Head of Data Analytics at Aimpoint Digital, said, “As an Alteryx developer, you have the ability to build solutions quickly, yet the insights needed to ensure what you build is deployed, utilized, and maintained effectively can be a challenge. For server admins, knowing the health of your server and how to help your users can be a scavenger hunt. ServerPAHL is our plug-and-play solution based on years of helping individual clients tackle these universal challenges.”

ServerPAHL consists of four key components that work together to enhance the Alteryx Server experience:

  • Personal Insights offers Alteryx developers a better understanding of their content, usage, and performance on Alteryx Server.
  • Audit ensures compliance by providing traceability of job runs, users, and effective permissions.
  • Health Check delivers vital information to improve processes and prescribe problems through easy-to-understand visuals.
  • Lineage visualizes the flow of data and dependencies, making it easier to recognize downstream impacts and correct job failures.

“No more trying to click through the Gallery user interface or look through Server logs for information. Our solution directly connects to your Alteryx Server, allowing you to understand user engagement, comply with best practices, manage governance, and optimize performance,” Max Benjamin added.

ServerPAHL’s launch marks a significant milestone for Alteryx users, who can now easily identify areas of poor server health and optimize performance and platform utilization using Alteryx’s most in-depth insights and governance reporting platform.

To learn more about ServerPAHL and how it can help unlock the full potential of your Alteryx Server, visit /serverpahl and request a demo.

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