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As a Gurobi Premier Service Partner, our expert Gurobi consulting team helps turbocharge your strategic decision-making and solve operational challenges.

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Harnessing the power of Gurobi to empower decision intelligence across your business

Unleash the Power of Optimization

The difference between “good” decisions and “optimal” decisions could be millions of dollars in revenue. We are skilled at translating your specific needs into accurate Gurobi models, ensuring you get the decision-support needed to maximize business value.

Develop & Integrate Solutions

We develop customized Gurobi models for your needs and ensure they are appropriately integrated within your data, analytic and business intelligence layers to ensure that Gurobi models continue to drive value over the long term.

Launch Discovery & Strategic Planning

We start with extensive interviews to thoroughly understand your business and identify a catalogue of use cases ranked based on effort required and impact expected. We support you as strategic advisors and ensure you develop individual optimization solutions that holistically align with your business needs.

Gurobi offerings we provide

Integration into Existing Platforms
  • Migration to Gurobi from Other Solvers
  • Integration of Gurobi Models with Data/Tech Infrastructure
  • OptOps Setup

Strategic & Advisory Services
  • High-Value Use Case Identification Workshops
  • Prioritization and Solution Roadmapping
  • COE for On-Demand Support

Development & Visualization of Optimization Models
  • Use-Case Solutioning
  • Advanced Visualization for Communication of Results

Training & Support
  • Gurobi Training Programs
  • Optimization Training for Managers
  • Enablement Workshops

Optimize your Gurobi experience

Utilize our accelerators to shortcut your time to realizing value in Gurobi

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Gurobi Health Checkup
Gurobi Health Checkup

Examine the overall health of your Gurobi/optimization models

Gurobi Value Accelerator
Gurobi Value Accelerator

12 hours of support to kickstart the use of optimization technology

Object-Oriented Optimization Project Template
Object-Oriented Optimization Project Template

Transition from high-level optimization platforms to modeling in Python




experts guide you every step of the way

Yash Puranik

Yash Puranik

Principal Data Scientist

Yash, an experienced data professional with expertise in optimization, machine learning, and software development, is passionate about using data science to solve client’s challenges across various industries. Yash is a recognized Gurobi expert, a Dataiku Neuron, and a Databricks Champion.

Prior experience
The Optimization Firm, Rockwell Automation
Linlin Yang

Linlin Yang

Principal Data Scientist

Linlin is a leader in the area of data analytics and supply chain optimization. She has extensive experience working with clients at various analytics maturity to identify and scope opportunities in business decision-making that can benefit from advanced analytics.

Prior experience
Jay Foraker

Jay Foraker

Lead Data Scientist

Jay has 15+ years of teaching experience as a Permanent Military Professor at the United States Naval Academy. He has an extensive background in data visualization, analysis, and modeling with Python, optimization, and discrete event simulation.

Prior experience
US Naval Academy

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