The Challenge

A $4B clinical research organization struggled to completely understand its client relationships and growth opportunities. Their internal system lacked standardized information on opportunities and was not linked to external sources. This made it difficult to manage accounts and allocate sales teams efficiently.

Our Approach

We designed an Alteryx-based process to link internal and external data sources through fuzzy matching algorithms. We identified inconsistencies, suggested solutions for harmonization, and provided feedback for IT solutions and end-user practice changes. The data was synthesized into a single view in PowerBI, allowing end users to see current engagements and upcoming opportunities for each client account.


1. Increased Revenue:

$20+ million dollars in opportunities were discovered thanks to previously unknown events in each account.

2. Better Insights:

Sales teams were assigned to accounts more efficiently based on current engagements and future opportunities.

3. Improved Forecasting:

Thanks to the insights discovered, predictive analytics were enabled to prioritize accounts better.

Key Takeaways

Data is crucial to fuel meaningful business growth. Without these insights, it’s impossible to understand where you’ve been – and chart a path to the future.

Thanks to this new, holistic view, the future is very bright.

The Aimpoint Difference

We are the top Alteryx Services Partner Globally. We help our customers leverage Alteryx to effectively enable self-service analytics and have a multitude of offerings to support its deployment.

We specialize in pairing Alteryx with proper infrastructure, software, and processes to increase profitability and improve efficiency.

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