Digital Insurance Platform Modernization for Covered Insurance

Learn how Aimpoint Digital modernized Covered Insurance's platform with Databricks and Sigma, saving 80 hours per month and enhancing data access, collaboration, and operational efficiency.

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80 Hours
Saved per month
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The Challenge

Covered Insurance, a major insurance retail and partner platform, faced critical challenges with their outdated data platform. Relying on a cumbersome, inaccurate data transformation embedded in Tableau Prep, they struggled to access key metrics. This complexity within Tableau Flows restricted business users from obtaining actionable insights and hindered effective decision-making. As their partner network expanded, there was an increased need to securely and efficiently share data.

These technical constraints severely limited trust, visibility, and drill-down capabilities for business users. The inability to access key metrics in a timely, accurate manner impeded operational efficiency and decision-making. Addressing these challenges was crucial to enhancing data reliability and enabling scalable growth for the client’s expanding partner program.

Our Approach

The Aimpoint Digital team devised a comprehensive strategy to modernize the client’s platform.   

Modern Data Solution

Databricks was identified as the ideal platform to deliver a modern data solution, offering robust capabilities for data processing and analytics. Sigma was used for visualizations, enabling high-level KPIs and granular data exploration for both partners and the client’s sales team. 

Simplified Data Transformation

The goal was to reverse engineer the complex logic embedded in Tableau Prep and migrate it to workflows in Databricks. This involved untangling convoluted processes and simplifying data transformation to improve accuracy and efficiency.  

Empowering Enhanced Decision-Making

An existing Tableau dashboard that facilitated the reporting process with external stakeholders was earmarked for a migration to Sigma. This transition would be used to enhance visualization capabilities while streamlining data presentation for enhanced decision-making.  



Streamlined Data Feeds 

After just three months, the Aimpoint Digital team delivered intra-day data feeds from various sources, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Postgres application backend, Google BigQuery CRM application backend, and Google marketing analytics data. These feeds were seamlessly integrated into a modern, sleek Sigma dashboard for a single source of information.

Digital Insurance Platform Modernization for Covered Insurance
Enhanced Partner Collaboration 

Several Delta Shares were instantiated to facilitate real-time metrics sharing with select partners, fostering collaboration and data-driven decision-making across the partner network.

Digital Insurance Platform Modernization for Covered Insurance
Operational Efficiency Improvements

A reconciliation pipeline was implemented, which automated formerly manual processes and saved approximately 80 labor hours per month. This efficiency gain allowed the client to reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives, enhancing the effectiveness of overall operations.

Digital Insurance Platform Modernization for Covered Insurance

Key Takeaways

The successful modernization of the digital insurance platform exemplifies Aimpoint Digital's expertise in driving transformative change through data-driven solutions. By migrating to a modern Databricks and Sigma data stack, the client gained enhanced visibility, collaboration, and operational efficiency, paving the way for sustained growth and innovation in the digital insurance landscape. This project underscores the importance of strategic modernization initiatives in unlocking the full potential of data. 

80 Hours
Saved per month

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