The Challenge

A $1+ billion global transportation company sought better insights into its complex operations. As a freight forwarder working with 1,500+ vendors to serve 1.5M customers and move 230,000+ metric tons annually, they needed KPIs and dashboards for senior management and stakeholders to meet customer expectations.

Our Approach

Our Data Analytics team determined that visibility was required in four key areas: temporal (timeliness, dwell times, middle mile transit time), vendor compliance (proof-of-delivery recording), operational performance (total volume shipped, network burden, etc.), and financial performance (profitability, pricing, cost management, etc.). To convey this insight, our team created a comprehensive cloud solution producing Tableau dashboards with a backend supported by data engineering in Alteryx, Snowflake, and DBT.


1. Improved Operational Performance:

Monitored and improved operational performance is now available for key national accounts.

2. Improved Financial Performance:

Levers can be identified to improve the performance of the most crucial transshipment stations.

3. Improved Timeliness and Compliance:

The customer experience is enhanced through more timely and compliant shipments.

Key Takeaways

Regardless of size, every company can benefit from improved visibility. This produces better outcomes, saves time, and ultimately leads to cost savings.

The Aimpoint Difference

At Aimpoint Digital, our mission is to transform intricate data into actionable insights. We achieve this by blending innovative technology with a comprehensive grasp of business needs, resulting in solutions that empower our clients.

Our proficiency in data analysis, attention to detail, and talent for crafting strategies that yield quantifiable outcomes set us apart.

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