The Challenge

A $20+ billion biopharma firm faced a labor-intensive challenge monthly: reconciling SAP inventory with data from third-party manufacturers. This manual process was error-prone, time-consuming, and delayed corporate financial month-end closings, taking two full business days per plant.

Our Approach

Our team automated the reconciliation of client SAP inventory with manual reports using a streamlined Dataiku workflow. Complex inventory matching rules were standardized into a user-friendly application, ensuring easy maintenance and scalability for over 20 third-party manufacturers. Now, non-technical users can easily interact with the workflow.


1. Process Standardization:

All 20 third-party contract manufacturers now have an identical process.

2. Increased Audibility:

Thanks to standardization, it’s easier than ever to identify patterns and institute changes if needed.

3. Efficiency via Automation:

20+ FTEs involved in the formerly manual process can focus their time on more important tasks.

Key Takeaways 

Ultimately, automation empowers businesses to focus on innovation and growth, fostering a more agile and competitive edge in their industry.

The Aimpoint Difference

Automating manual processes can revolutionize your operations and maximize efficiency. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of your business needs, Aimpoint Digital tailors solutions to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone tasks.

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