Organizational Enablement

Our approach to enablement begins with jump-starting your team with custom-built trainings and continues by  establishing best practices, governance processes and structures needed to operate as a successful analytics organization.

An introduction to analytics

No matter the tool, we leverage our successful training formula.


An overview on when your tool should and should not be used


A live case study built using your data and business challenges


Best practices and tips & tricks

Unlock the power of your data

Not sure where you can be using automation and analytics to create the most value? We help you identify the use cases and evaluate them based on value to your business and complexity to execute.

A community of practice

From user groups and resource guides to gamification and communication we help create a sense of community to enable analytics to flourish at your organization.

Support when you need it

Get your questions answered and keep you users going with a comprehensive support plan tailored to your needs, including office hours, 1-on-1 sessions and on-demand live support.

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