William Wirono
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William Wirono

Senior Data Scientist
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Platform expertise

William is a Senior Data Scientist at Aimpoint Digital. He has a background in Deterministic Optimization, Linear and Mixed Integer Programming, and Machine Learning. William is excited to help build solutions that bring real meaning to businesses and stay current on advances within the data science space.

His experience in academia and industry focuses within the field of supply chain, quality, and operations. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Spring 2020, he sought to complement his industrial engineering background with data science by taking a Master’s in Analytics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He furthered his passion with Dell Technologies’ Data, Analytics, and Automation team by determining configuration failures and designing randomized simulations. Before that, he was involved in multiple kaizen lean events at Broan-NuTone where he helped introduce a new product and run internal audits.

William is an avid soccer and Formula 1 fan. He loves watching his favorite club, Chelsea, play in the English Premier League and keeping up with Lewis Hamilton whenever he races.

Fun fact: My dad slaughters 4000 chickens daily and my mom is a certified Yoga instructor.

Hermosa Beach, CA
Decision Sciences
Aimpoint Labs
  • B.S. Industrial Engineering (Certificate: Mathematics),University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S. Analytics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fun Fact
William's dad slaughters 4000 chickens daily and his mom is a certified Yoga instructor.