Aimpoint Digital Launches DesignerPAHL to Revolutionize Alteryx Designer Usage Insights

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Aimpoint Digital, a leader in data analytics and a firm dedicated to reshaping organizations with data-driven insights and a Top Global Alteryx Partner, unveiled its newest product, DesignerPAHL. Aimed at transforming the landscape of Alteryx Designer usage, DesignerPAHL brings unprecedented transparency to the platform. 

This groundbreaking solution demystifies Alteryx Designer’s Desktop usage and provides comprehensive insights to users. DesignerPAHL bridges the information gap associated with Alteryx Designer, offering complete visibility into workflow content, usage, and more. 

Beyond the Black Box: Bringing Transparency to Alteryx Designer 

“While Alteryx Designer is an extremely powerful tool, understanding how your user base is leveraging it has been a historical pain point across organizations,” explained Max Benjamin, Managing Partner at Aimpoint Digital. “Our team saw an opportunity to support clients by extracting telemetry data, centralizing into a robust data model and providing standardized insights.” 

DesignerPAHL addresses this challenge, offering a solution that facilitates comprehensive logging for all Alteryx Designer users. The platform parses and transforms Alteryx Designer logs into intuitive Tableau and Power BI frontend views allowing understanding of workflow risk, user & tool usage, data connections, asset dependencies and more! 

“At Aimpoint Digital, it’s critically important for our team to empower clients to harness deep insights for clearer understanding and strategic planning,” said Mina Ozgen, Director of Products and Solutions at Aimpoint Digital. “DesignerPAHL was built by our team to do just that: improve transparency, govern usage, showcase business value and allow businesses to provide proactive solutions to their users.” 

Ideal for business owners of Alteryx Designer seeking monitoring, governance, and auditability, DesignerPAHL is an innovative solution. It seamlessly integrates with the Alteryx platform and requires only a visualization technology (Tableau or Power BI), making it an ideal solution for nearly all Alteryx deployments. 

For a live demonstration of DesignerPAHL and a personalized discussion about your Alteryx Designer reporting needs, request a demo below.

About Aimpoint Digital  

Aimpoint Digital, an Alteryx Premier Partner, is an analytics firm at the forefront of solving the most complex business and economic challenges through data and analytical technology. From the integration of self-service analytics to implementing AI at scale and modernizing data infrastructure environments, they operate across transformative domains to improve the performance of organizations.  

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