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In our ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to manage their data. Snowflake has emerged as a top choice for data warehousing, revolutionizing how organizations analyze and store their data. With this shift to the cloud, there is a need for comprehensive insights into Snowflake usage to maximize the ROI on your investment in data.

How CloudPAHL Provides Insights

Introducing CloudPAHL from Aimpoint Digital: a Snowflake Native App designed to address the growing need for Snowflake optimization and cost management. CloudPAHL was created to give you the ability to analyze your company’s Snowflake utilization behavior and provide trend insights and recommendations so you can make smart, data-driven decisions.  

How CloudPAHL Works

CloudPAHL goes beyond providing a basic cost analysis by providing a comprehensive suite of features tailored to IT/BI Directors and Snowflake administrators, including:

Platform Overview

Summarizes both utilized and underutilized Snowflake services, providing a holistic view of your Snowflake environment.

Audit Review

Examines user behavior, identifies groups in need of additional training, and assesses for necessary permission adjustments or action reviews.

Health Check Analysis

Assesses cost and credit trends, attributing them to determine whether Snowflake is scaling as anticipated or if unexpected costs are emerging—and where they are located.

Lineage Visualization  

Displays permissions to govern Snowflake’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), ensuring a secure and compliant data environment.

Insights for IT Leaders

CloudPAHL is for Snowflake administrators seeking enhanced platform management and IT/BI Directors responsible for data and BI costs.

Manage Costs

Easily identify the users and BI applications incurring the highest costs on Snowflake.

Forecast Spending

Gain insight into your forecasted end-of-year Snowflake spend.

Identify Opportunities

See which user groups are underutilizing Snowflake and may need training.

Understand Usage

Quickly look at the current maturity level of your Snowflake usage.

Mitigate Risk

Identify the risks associated with your platform, either through incorrect RBAC assignments or query behavior.

Download CloudPAHL Now

CloudPAHL is available now in the Snowflake Marketplace. Click here to download CloudPAHL today.

CloudPAHL is a significant step forward in managing and optimizing Snowflake, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of their investment. With its suite of features and intuitive interface, CloudPAHL is an indispensable tool for organizations navigating the complexities of cloud data management.  

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