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AI Awareness in the UK: A Study by Aimpoint Digital

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In the wake of the AI revolution, tools such as ChatGPT have become increasingly prevalent, sparking conversations about the potential implications of AI on our job markets and daily lives. The necessity to comprehend public perception of this transformative technology is more critical than ever. 

Over the past year and a half, AI has been a focal point in mainstream media, inciting debates about its role and impact on society. This is further amplified by announcements from major UK businesses, including telecommunications giant BT, about planned redundancies over the next decade due to a strategic shift towards AI capabilities.

Despite AI’s media dominance, we sought to understand the extent of AI usage in the UK and whether artificial intelligence is as pervasive in the population’s lives as the media suggests.

AI Usage in the UK Survey Findings

Our exclusive survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed a significant gap in public awareness of AI, despite extensive media coverage. Astonishingly, more than a quarter (28%) of UK respondents admitted to having never heard of AI.

The survey further disclosed that only a fifth (20%) of UK adults had utilized generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper, Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, or YouChat. 

In contrast, over half (52%) acknowledged that while they are aware of such tools, they have never used them.

When queried about their AI usage, the survey found the most common applications of these generative AI tools are: 

  • Experimentation (45%)
  • Exploration of capabilities (33%)
  • Learning new things (33%)

AI in the Workplace and Education Findings

Interestingly, one in five (21%) Brits who have used AI tools did so in the workplace, with half (50%) admitting to doing so without their employer’s knowledge or approval. Men were more likely to engage in this behavior, with 12% admitting to it compared to only 6% of women.

Furthermore, one in 16 (6%) UK adults aged 18-35 have used generative AI at school or university, with half (50%) also doing so without their teacher’s knowledge. This age group was also the most likely to use AI tools, with one in ten (10%) 18-35 year-olds using AI regularly in their everyday lives.

Our survey highlights a significant gap in public awareness. Despite extensive media coverage, it was surprising for us to discover that the majority of Britons still need to familiarize themselves with the practicalities of AI and its uses.

Closing the AI Awareness Gap With Aimpoint Digital

At Aimpoint Digital, our dedicated Aimpoint Labs team is at the forefront of the development of generative AI, including large language models (LLMs). This team of experts is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with data, constantly innovating to build products utilizing the latest technological advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. As familiarity with AI increases, we anticipate a corresponding rise in public confidence in its potential to transform our day-to-day lives positively.

We invite you to visit our Data Science page to learn more about how AI can impact your business and explore the cutting-edge work being done by our Aimpoint Labs team in the realm of generative AI. 

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Joe LeLipski
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