Transforming Data Science Processes for a Leading Investment Firm

Learn how Aimpoint Digital helped a US-based tech investment firm centralize its data science processes with Databricks to create a trusted, unified data platform.

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The Challenge

A US-based tech investment firm recognized the need to centralize its data science processes to enhance scalability, efficiency, and collaboration. Their previous workflows were disjointed, with team members working in silos and critical processes scattered across multiple location systems. 

The client faced several challenges with their existing data science processes. There was a lack of collaboration and shareability among team members, and workflows deployed on local infrastructure were disorganized and isolated.  

Additionally, there was no centralized location for productionizing and orchestrating analytical and machine learning workloads. This resulted in the duplication of code and repeated work efforts by employees due to siloed operations. 

Our Approach

The Aimpoint Digital team collaborated with the client to understand and address their challenges and implement a unified solution. 

We thoroughly evaluated potential data science platforms, considering the client’s need for code shareability, scalability, scheduling, and orchestration capabilities. Databricks emerged as the optimal solution because of its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface. 

Our team developed a proof-of-concept use case for each potential solution tailored to the client’s typical workflows. Quantitative weighting of the features was used to determine the most suitable platform. 

Leveraging the client’s existing investment in Snowflake for data engineering workloads, we developed wrapper functions around the Snowflake Spark connector to facilitate seamless authentication from Databricks. 



A Unified Data Platform 

The client’s team of data scientists now has a unified platform for developing, orchestrating, and productionizing data science workloads, fostering collaboration and code shareability. 

Transforming Data Science Processes for a Leading Investment Firm
Enhanced Scalability & Streamlined Workflows

With access to massively scalable compute resources in both Databricks and Snowflake, the client is no longer restricted to local infrastructure, enabling faster and more efficient processing. Integration with Snowflake allows the client’s data scientists to connect to curated data models developed by Aimpoint Digital’s data engineering team, facilitating real-time updates and pushing down processing to Snowflake’s scalable infrastructure.

Transforming Data Science Processes for a Leading Investment Firm
Improved Observability

Having a centralized solution for productionized workflows has enhanced the observability and monitoring of critical business processes, ensuring greater visibility and control.

Transforming Data Science Processes for a Leading Investment Firm

Key Takeaways

The successful transformation of data science processes with Databricks and Snowflake exemplifies Aimpoint Digital's expertise in driving digital innovation and collaboration. By centralizing workflows and leveraging scalable cloud infrastructure, the tech investment firm has unlocked new opportunities for collaboration, efficiency, and agility, positioning them for continued success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

0.5 FTE
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Unified Data Platform

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