Transforming Operations Analytics with Databricks for Straumann

Learn how Aimpoint Digital enhanced the medical device distributor Straumann's supply chain and customer experience with advanced analytics, driving efficiency and accurate insights.

Key takeaways
Reduction in excess inventory
SLA ticket compliance
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The Challenge

A leading global medical device distributor recognized the need to harness the power of real-time analytics to enhance customer experience and optimize supply chain efficiency. However, their previous analytic processes were manual, resulting in untimely insights, and their technical infrastructure failed to meet the growing analytic demands of their business.  

With data siloed across 30+ systems, including SAP ERP, ServiceCloud, and Zendesk, deriving accurate and meaningful metrics like customer profiles and on-time in full (OTIF) performance posed significant challenges.

The client faced several challenges in their quest to improve operations analytics, including: 

  • Manual and untimely analytics processes 
  • Siloed data across multiple systems hindering accurate metric calculation 
  • Lack of scalability and agility in the existing analytics infrastructure

The imperative to become a more customer-centric organization necessitated a transformation in analytics capabilities. 

Our Approach

Aimpoint Digital executed a strategic approach to address the client’s challenges and drive analytics and operations transformation, including: 

Business Use Cases

Defined use cases and KPIs across Customer Experience, Supply Chain, and Sales Excellence to align analytics initiatives with business objectives. 

Analytic Product Suites

Organized use cases into analytic product suites to streamline development and implementation. 

Data Architecture Mapping

Mapped data source systems to use cases to determine the conceptual data architecture, facilitating a cohesive approach to data integration and analytics. 

Technology Architecture Stack

Defined a technology architecture stack with Databricks as the backbone for Data Engineering and Data Science, leveraging Microsoft Azure infrastructure and dbt for data transformation and orchestration. 

Infrastructure Setup and Integration

Stood up and integrated the infrastructure to support analytics initiatives. 

Use Case Development and Implementation

Developed, piloted, and implemented high-priority use cases to demonstrate the value of analytics-driven insights. 

Aimpoint Digital helped Straumann combine our ERP and BW data into a single, trusted source, enhancing data quality and setting up the entire data governance process. Databricks now integrates with our various visualization tools, improving our reporting capabilities, which helped a lot in our data-driven decision-making processes and improved organization wide data maturity.

Zili Huang
Data Analyst
Straumann Group


Improved Customer Service

Insights generated by Aimpoint Digital’s analytics initiatives increased customer ticket SLA compliance from around 50% to over 90% in just one month. 

Transforming Operations Analytics with Databricks for Straumann
Enhanced Operational Efficiency 

By centralizing and streamlining analytics processes, the client is more agile and efficient, enabling them to respond quickly to changing customer needs and market shifts. 

Transforming Operations Analytics with Databricks for Straumann
Data-Driven Organizational Change 

The client can now leverage data and insights to drive organizational change, aligning with their goal of becoming a more customer-centric organization. 

Transforming Operations Analytics with Databricks for Straumann

Key Takeaways

The successful operations analytics transformation with Databricks exemplifies Aimpoint Digital's commitment to driving innovation and delivering tangible business outcomes. By leveraging advanced analytics capabilities and a strategic approach, the client has unlocked new opportunities for growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, positioning them for continued success in a competitive industry. 

Reduction in excess inventory
SLA ticket compliance

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