The Challenge

A medical device distributor wanted to improve customer experience and supply chain efficiency with analytics. Previous manual analytic processes were slow, and the infrastructure couldn’t meet the growing analytic needs. Data was scattered across more than 30 systems, making calculations difficult and often inaccurate for key metrics such as customer satisfaction, customer service, and On-time In-Full (OTIF).

Our Approach

We took a business-centric approach to define use cases and KPIs across various functions; this was achieved by developing a modernized and highly scalable tech stack. The team ensured sustainability and scalability by defining governance, a new operating model, and a strategic roadmap and coordinated the execution via a PMO to expand analytics capabilities and support use case delivery to other functions. Finally, high-priority use cases were executed to realize business value quickly.


1. Improved Customer Experience:

Customers have an accurate view of metrics and performance thanks to improved insights.

2. Reduced Supply Chain Spend:

The client can leverage data and insights to drive organizational change and streamline operations.

3. Consistent Data & Insights:

Automated workflows produce timely, accurate data whenever it’s needed.

Key Takeaways

In the long run, manual processes can be costly for organizations of any size. Streamlining operations through optimization is an investment that yields significant dividends for years to come.

The Aimpoint Difference

Aimpoint Digital has a specialized team, highly trained and certified on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, to deliver Lakehouse Onboarding and provide the expertise needed to address your most significant data, analytics, and AI needs.

Our suite of Value Accelerators fast-track the time to success across the Databricks platform.

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