The Challenge

Despite a year-long engagement with a previous vendor, the client could not load data into their Snowflake Data Warehouse. This prior vendor insisted the client’s data format was incompatible with Snowflake. The client made a significant investment with no results and they failed to establish a single source of truth for reporting. Their reporting process was slow, unreliable, and unscalable—complicating their pressing need to migrate to Snowflake.​

Our Approach

Our strategy was focused and pragmatic. We started by targeting the most valuable data source necessary for quarterly reporting. A Proof of Concept (POC) was quickly developed using their existing Azure Data Factory infrastructure to demonstrate the feasibility of loading data into Snowflake. Pleased with the POC, we rolled out a full-scale solution leveraging Azure Data Factory for data loading and Snowpark Python for the required transformations. After the main data source was successfully integrated, we took on the client’s second priority use case and delivered on that as well.​


1. Successful Migration:

The client has a robust daily pipeline loading millions of rows from 90+ tables in SQL Server into Snowflake.

2. Streamlined Data:

Existing Tableau dashboards are now re-pointed to their new single source of truth.

3. Complete Integration:

Additional data sources can be integrated into Snowflake for a comprehensive 360-degree customer view.

Key Takeaways

Investing in a comprehensive platform for viewing, organizing, and making sense of your data is critical. A strong partner can help you achieve your data goals, from migration to implementation.

The Aimpoint Difference

As an Elite Services Snowflake Partner, we provide market-leading Snowflake consulting to deliver a clear, scalable strategy that helps you maximize your business data on the Snowflake Data Cloud.

We accelerate your analytical journey by deploying total end-to-end use cases with quantified value and upskilling your team for ongoing solution maintenance using modern best practices.

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