Strategy & Infrastructure Build​ for PetScreening

See how Aimpoint Digital transformed PetScreening's operations with sophisticated analytics integration, leveraging Snowflake, to drive data-driven decision-making in pet technology.

Key takeaways
Cutting-edge analytics applications created
Self-service dashboards provide real-time data
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Data Engineering & Infrastructure
Data Engineering & Infrastructure
Deploy analytics at scale with analytical infrastructure modernization
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The Challenge

PetScreening, a pet tech startup, aimed to transform into a data-driven company using analytics to improve user understanding and operational efficiency and identify non-compliant customers. They sought to integrate financial, sales/marketing, and third-party data with their web application data for a comprehensive view and deeper insights.

Our Approach

Our Data Strategy and Data Engineering teams assessed the company’s technical setup. They recommended and implemented changes using Snowflake as the data warehouse, Airbyte for data ingestion, and dbt for data transformation. The Data Analytics team used the staged and modeled data to create Tableau dashboards. Hightouch was implemented to deliver enriched data from Snowflake to source systems and to drive marketing audiences via social media.

With Aimpoint Digital, we have a partner in our business outcomes rather than just a partner in accomplishing work. Their strategic prowess, excellent talent, and focus on business outcomes are the reasons we'll be with them for as long as PetScreening is here.

Andrew Hartman
Chief Growth Officer
Pet Screening


Climbing the Analytics Maturity Ladder

Underpinned by a state-of-the-art data warehouse and processes, they’ve become data-driven and efficient.

Strategy & Infrastructure Build​ for PetScreening
Streamlined Operations

Front-line teams tap into self-service dashboards, complemented by bespoke apps and integrations.

Strategy & Infrastructure Build​ for PetScreening
Deep Data Insights

Leadership across finance, marketing, sales, and operations harness 20+ interactive analytical reports, enabling informed business strategies.

Strategy & Infrastructure Build​ for PetScreening

Key Takeaways

The startup went from a state of manual reporting to making data an integral part of day-to-day decision-making. This has helped the company to scale, adding new product lines and services.

Cutting-edge analytics applications created
Self-service dashboards provide real-time data

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