The Challenge

A top retirement benefits provider invested in over 20 AI projects with varying levels of impact and maturity. However, deployment of these projects faced several challenges including lack of a strategic plan and an inability to measure improvements post-deployment due to limited benchmarking. To secure additional funding for the AI program, the client needed to demonstrate the value of their AI portfolio and develop a comprehensive strategy for scaling AI capabilities to ensure optimal ROI of future investments.

Our Approach

Our Analytics Strategy practice structured the approach into AI Value Tracking, Strategy and Design, and Change Enablement. We facilitated 30+ stakeholder interviews and an in-depth model review across 20+ projects. After synthesizing these takeaways, a robust AI valuation framework was subsequently tailored to the nuances of our client’s business. We developed and implemented an AI Governance Strategy to facilitate AI growth. The strategy included actionable recommendations to refine the operating model, enhance the AI program’s structure, and maximize the effectiveness of future efforts by prioritizing high-value project use cases.


1. Robust Valuation Framework:

The client has a clear picture of their current investment thanks to key valuation metrics.

2. Effective Plan for Scaling:

A change enablement plan, roadmap, tactics, and best practices can be used for future investments.

3. Clear, Actionable Insights:

Stakeholders and leaders now understand the current state and have a clear directive for the future.

Key Takeaways

AI is a worthwhile investment that can yield meaningful results, but it must be backed by a data-driven approach. Thanks to their new insights, the path to ROI is clear.

The Aimpoint Difference

At Aimpoint Digital, our mission is to transform intricate data into actionable insights. We achieve this by blending innovative technology with a comprehensive grasp of business needs, resulting in solutions that empower our clients.

Our proficiency in data analysis, attention to detail, and talent for crafting strategies that yield quantifiable outcomes set us apart.

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