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Data Analytics April 5, 2024
Databricks + Sigma: Data Entry in Databricks through the Power of Sigma Input Tables

For many data analysts, performing ad-hoc data analysis is a common task that often leads to ...

News March 4, 2024
Aimpoint Digital Partners with Sigma to Transform Visual Analytics and Application Development

At Aimpoint Digital, we’re always seeking new, innovative ways to enhance our clients’ data ...

News January 30, 2024
Aimpoint Digital Launches DesignerPAHL to Revolutionize Alteryx Designer Usage Insights

Aimpoint Digital, a leader in data analytics and a firm dedicated to reshaping organizations ...

Data Analytics December 19, 2023
Dataiku and Snowflake: A Joint AI Solution

Ready to unlock the full potential of your analytics journey? Combining the robust capabilities ...

Data Analytics August 28, 2023
How to Read Excel Files in Dataiku Dynamically

For finance and operations professionals, absorbing spreadsheets is essential for automation. ...

Data Analytics July 12, 2023
Tips to Improve Tableau Dashboard Performance

We’ve all been there before. We’ve built a snazzy-looking Tableau dashboard that answers all of ...

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